You must be logged in as the server admin and run the admin.execremotecommand "command" console function to execute each command.

admin.getRemoteConsoleEnabled (Displays whether remote console is enabled)

admin.enableRemoteConsole [username] [password] # (Enables remote access to a BF1942 Server)

admin.disableRemoteConsole (Disables remote access to a BF1942 Server)

admin.enableRemoteAdmin [password] (Allows a Remote Admin to log into a server)

admin.disableRemoteAdmin (Disables a Remote Admin logging into a server)

admin.execremotecommand "command" (Executes a command (such as those listed here) from remote Admin)

admin.maxAllowedConnectionType [type] (Sets the highest connection type (1-4) allowed to join the server)

admin.voteMapMajority # (Percentage of voters required to change a Map (0 – 1.0))

admin.voteKickPlayerMajority (As above for Votekicks)

admin.voteKickTeamPlayerMajority (As above for Team Votekicks)

admin.enableMapVote 1/0 (Enables/Disables Map voting)

admin.enableKickPlayerVote 1/0(As above for Votekicks)

admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote 1/0 (As above for Team Votekicks)

admin.votingTime # (Number of seconds during which players can vote)

admin.kickPlayer [ID] (Admin version of Votekick player)

admin.banPlayer [ID] (Admin permanent Votekick (ban) of player)

admin.changeMap [map name] (Admin changes map to name specified)

admin.addAddressToBanList [IP] (Adds a player's IP address to banned list)

admin.removeAddressFromBanList [IP] (Removes a player's IP address from banned list)

admin.listBannedAdresses (Lists all banned IPs)

admin.clearBanList (Clears all banned ips)

admin.banTime # (Length of time a banned player cannot join server)

admin.tagPlayer [ID]

admin.bandWidthChokeLimit #

admin.allownosecam 1/0 (Allows player to turn off HUD while flying)

admin.externalviews 1/0 (Allows/disallows external camera view and nose cam)

admin.togglegamepause (Enables/Disables pausing)

admin.setTicketRatio #

admin.autoBalanceTeam 1/0 (Enables/Disables Auto team-balancing when teams are uneven)

admin.delayBeforeStartingGame # (Time delay before a game starts)

admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame # (Time delay before a new round starts)

admin.soldierFFRatio # (The ratio of damage (e.g. 0.5=50%) done by Friendly Fire)

admin.vehicleFFratio # (As above for vehicle FF)

admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash # (As above for weapon splash damage)

admin.vehicleFFRatioOnSplash # (As above for vehicle FF splash damage)

admin.kickBack # (How far player is kicked back when hit)

admin.kickBackOnSplash #(As above for splash damage)

admin.timeLimit # (Time limit for match)

admin.scoreLimit # (Score limit for match)

admin.restartMap (Restarts current map)

admin.setNextLevel [map] (Sets the next map to load after current map ends)

admin.timeBeforeRestartMap # (How much time until the map restarts)

admin.SetNrOfRounds # (Sets the number of rounds)

admin.timeToNextWave #

admin.spawnWaveTime #


Console.showfps 1/0 (When enabled shows your current Frames Per Second (FPS) in the top left corner of the screen)

Console.showstats 1/0 (When enabled shows a range of system performance information)


game.sayTeam (Team chat)

game.sayAll (Global chat)

game.listPlayers (Lists players and their id numbers)

game.listMaps (Lists the maps and number assignments in server rotation)

game.voteMap # (Votes to change the map to the number specified)

game.voteKickPlayer [ID] (Calls a vote to kick a player. To vote enter this command with the same number)

game.voteKickTeamPlayer [ID] (Same as above but only teammates are allowed to vote)

game.changePlayerName [Name] (Renames your player in-game)

game.dumpNetworkDebugStats 1/0

game.debugCallBackDisabled 1/0 (Allows use of callbacks to get game info)

game.useHUD 1/0 (Toggles the the Head Up Display (HUD))

game.setShadows 1/0 (Toggles shadows on/off)

game.setEnvironmentMapping 1/0 (Toggles Environment Mapping on/off)

game.setToolTip 1/0 (Toggles tool tips on/off)

game.setRadioToolTip 1/0 (Toggles Radio button text on/off)

game.setCrossHairColor # # # (Adjusts crosshair color based on Red Green & Blue values entered)

game.setStaticMiniMap 1/0 (When set to 0 the minimap rotates as you rotate )

game.setMiniMapTransparency # (The higher the number the more transparent)

game.RadioToolTipColor # # # (Adjusts the color of the Radio button text (if on))

game.getIp (Displays IP in the message window)

game.getLevelName (Displays the name of the level)

game.enableFreeCamera 1/0 (Enable/disable the ability to look around while waiting to spawn)

game.killPlayer [ID] (Kills player with the id number - Admin only)

game.disconnect (Disconnects from the server)

game.suicide (Kills your character)

game.setCommonMouseSensitivity # (Sets Common mouse sensitivity)

Infantry Controls:

game.setInfMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity as a soldier)

game.setInfMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when a soldier)

Vehicle Controls

game.setLandSeaKeyboardSensitivity # (Sets keyboard sensitivity when using a vehicle)

game.setLandSeaMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity when using a vehicle)

game.setLandSeaMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when using a vehicle)

game.setConnection (1-4)

game.setDisableSound 1/0

game.setChannels #

game.setMasterVolume #

game.setMenuMusicVolume #

game.setMusicOnOff 1/0

game.setLocalizedDialog 0

game.setQuality #


game.setHardware #

game.setGameDisplayMode 800 600 32 0

game.setDetailTexture #

game.setGraphicsQuality #

game.setLightmaps 1/0

game.setRenderWhenSpawnMenu 1

game.setMenuViewdistance #

game.setEffectsQuality #

game.setPerformance #

Air Controls:

game.setAirKeyboardSensitivity # (Sets keyboard sensitivity when flying planes)

game.setAirMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity when flying planes)

game.setAirMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when flying planes)


These settings can't be changed in-game. You must edit these settings in the Sound.con file.

Sound.setDopplerFactor 1/0 (Turns on/off 3D Audio effects)

Sound.setRolloffFactor 1/0 (As above)

Sound.setDistanceFactor 1/0 (As above)

Sound.setPitchChangeRate #

Sound.showSoundInfo 1/0 (Toggles information display about the sound performance)

Sound.drawSoundObjects 1/0 (As above)


profiler.enable 1/0 # # 1/0

profiler.reportfile # # 1/0

profiler.reportfile # # 1/0





profiler.enableTimer (Timer number)

profiler.disableTimer (Timer number)

profiler.enableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)

profiler.disableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)

profiler.enableTimerByName (Timer Name)

profiler.disableTimerByName (Timer Name)

profiler.enableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)

profiler.disableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)




renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1/0

renderer.extrapolateFrame 1/0

renderer.mipMapBias #

renderer.setVSyncEnabled 0/1 0/1


Ignore Commands:

chat.ignoreRadioText 0/1

chat.ignoreRadioAudio 0/1

chat.setIgnoreRadioAudioAndText 0/1


chat.addToIgnoreList (user id)

chat.removeFromIgnoreList (user id)


Punish & Forgive

admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK (value) (1.0 = wait 1 spawn)

admin.banPlayerOnTKKick 0/1

admin.nrOfTKToKick (value)

admin.tkPunishMode 0/1



Buddy List:





chat.ChatMessageSize 1/12

chat.GameInfoMessageSize1/ #

chat.KillMessageSize 1/#

chat.setChatHistory (Sets the # of lines for all 3 message displays)


chat.OldChatListStyle 0/1 (1=1.2 chat)

chat.OldChatListHistory #