rconpassword xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

now good old moh doesnt tell you if you have put the rcon in correctly or incorrectly, you have to test it out. I also would try and test it by saying something via consol, i.e type

rcon say Do I Have Control of the Server

cmdlist - list all console commands

meminfo - gives info about memory

echo - echoes text to the console

launchgamespy - launches gamespy

bind "key" "command" - bind command to a key

bindlist - list all key bindings

altbind "key" "command" - bind command to alt+key

ctrlbind "key" "command" - bind command to ctrl+key

altbindlist - list all alt+key bindings

ctrlbindlist - list all ctrl+key bindings

unbind "key" - unbind key

unaltbind "key" - unbind alt+key

unctrlbind "key" - unbind ctrl+key

unbindall - unbind all keys

say "message" - send message to all players in the game

sayteam "message" - send message to all players in your team

exec "file.cfg" - execute commands in file.cfg

kill - suicide

quit - exit moh

cvarlist - list all variables

name "myname" - sets your player name to myname

sensitivity "" - sets your mouse sensitivity (5-20)

m_filter "0 or 1" - set mouse filter off (0) or on (1)

fps "0 or 1" - toggle fps info display off (0) or on(1)

cheats "0 or 1" - sets cheats off (0) or on (1)

subtract "var" "amount" - subtract amount from var

toggle "var" - toggle var value to 0 or 1

add "var" "amount" - add amount to var

dir - list all files in current directory

cd "folder" - change current directory to folder

fdir "filter" - list all files in current directory, applying filter (ex. fdir *.bsp)

set "var" "value" - sets var to value

maplist - list maps

append "var" "string" - append string to var

map "mymap" - change to map mymap

pause - pause/unpause game

serverinfo - echo server information to console

systeminfo - echo system information to console

path - echo current search path to console

scale "var" "amount" - multiply var by amount

savegame - save current game

autosavegame - save current game as autosave

kick "player" - kicks player

kick all - kicks all players

kick allbots - kicks all bots

reload - reload current weapon

status - echo status/player info to console

restart - restarts server

reset "var" - set var to its default

loadgame - load saved game

loadlastgame - load last saved game

gamemap "mymap" - change to map mymap

killserver - kills the server

connect "ip" - connects to server at ip

difficultyHard - sets difficulty to hard

difficultyMedium - sets difficulty to medium

difficultyEasy - sets difficulty to easy

clear - clear all text from the console

error - exits moh with error message

vid_restart - resets video settings

The Medals

seta g_medal0 "1" - Army Commendation Medal

seta g_medal1 "1" - Distinguished Service Medal

seta g_medal2 "1" - Legion of Merit

seta g_medal3 "1" - Good Conduct Medal

seta g_medal4 "1" - Norwegian War Cross With Sword

seta g_medal5 "1" - American Campaign Medal

seta g_eogmedal0 "1" - Distinguished Service Cross

seta g_eogmedal1 "1" - Bronze Star

seta g_eogmedal2 "1" - Silver Star

The Missions

seta g_m2l1 "1" - Scuttling the U-529

seta g_m3l1 "1" - Operation Overlord

seta g_m4l1 "1" - Behind Enemy Lines

seta g_m5l1 "1" - Day of the Tiger

seta g_m6l1 "1" - The Return to Schmerzen

Also for those of you who are interested in the rcon commands (although we tend not to use ‘em in game but through autokick)

Command and Comment

set rconpassword xxxx - where xxxx is the password

rcon status - gives list of playersid#, name, ip and ping

rcon kick playername - kicks player by name(spelling must be exact)

rcon clientkick userid# - kicks player by id number

rcon kick all - kicks all players from server

rcon say “xxxx xxx” - sends message in voice of console

rcon roundlimit # - sets round limit time in mins

rcon timelimit # - sets time limit for map in mins

rcon fraglimit # - changes the number of victories/frags needed to win

rcon dumpuser “xxx” - xxx is player name, gives skin player is using

rcon serverinfo shows current server settings

rcon restart - restarts current map

rcon map xxx - changes current map xxx is file name of map eg dm/mohdm1

rcon next map xxx - changes next map xxx is file name of map

rcon sv_maplist "dm/mohdm1 dm/mohdm2 ......." - sets the order in which the maps are played, must include quotation marks and a space between each map name)

rcon sv_pure 1 - checks clients .pk3 files to look for modifications, cheat check

rcon sv_pure 0 - cheat check off

rcon set sv_privatePassword xxxx - sets the password used on the private slots on the server, where xxxx is the password

rcon set sv_privateClients # - this will set the number of private slots on a server

rcon sv_hostname "xxxx" - changes server name, where “xxxx” is new name

rcon sv_maxping # - players with a ping over # will be unable to connect to the server

rcon g_teamdammage 1 - switches on ff

rcon g_teamdammage 0 - switches off ff

rcon g_gametype # - 1-free for all, 2-team match, 3-round based, 4-objective

rcon set g_inactivity # - players moved to spectator after # seconds

rcon set g_inactiveKick # - players kicked after # seconds of inactive spec